Thursday, December 11, 2014

Madewell Upcoming In-Store Event

Stop by your local Madewell store on Saturday December 13, 2014 to enjoy sips, treats, and lots of good cheer. While you're there you may as well do a bit of shopping and take advantage of the Permission to Splurge Event that's going on until the 15th, too. :)

This sounds like a lot of fun, and I would definitely be going if the nearest Madewell store was not 500 miles away. If you're not able to attend the in-store festivities, but still plan to shop the event online...check out the list of links to reviews and IRL pics here.

Are you planning to go your local Madewell store this coming Saturday to enjoy the treats and good cheer? If so, do you plan to also do a bit of shopping?
Are you shopping the Permission to Splurge Event online? Please do share!

Have a lovely day! :)

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