Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yes Please!!!

The freezing cold temps we have been experiencing here in Montana over the past several days have helped to reiterate the fact that I am in need of a winter coat that will provide extreme warmth and protection from the elements. I would like the coat to be water-resistant, have a hood with faux-fur trim, and a longer length would be nice, too.

The Madewell Field Parka appears as if it could possibly fit the bill...

From the Madewell website:

Product Details:

A slimmer, more refined version of our favorite parka. Check out the cinchable drawstring waist and oversized hood—plus, it's cut from water-resistant fabric. Wear it in serious weather and then remove the faux-mink half lining when the frost melts.

True to size.
Machine wash.
Import. only.

As many of you who follow my All Things Simplified blog may already know, I placed an order for the Lands' End Shimmer Down Parka during their recent Friends & Family Event. I am really hoping that it works out well for me, because I love the look of the jacket, and have been wanting to get a puffer jacket with the faux-fur trim on the hood for quite awhile now. My only concern (after being out in the 13 degree temp we had yesterday) is the length, as my legs were quite cold while wearing a short jacket, so I think I may need to get a longer coat instead.

The longer length on the Madewell Field Parka is good and would keep my legs covered, so it would really come down to just how warm it would be, as well as the fit and quality, not to mention getting a good deal on it with an extra % off, too.

What are your thoughts on the Madewell Field Parka? Have you seen it IRL, or possibly tried it on? Do you already own it? Are there any other coats you would recommend over this one? Am I better off to get a down puffer jacket in a longer length? Please do share...I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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