Thursday, November 20, 2014

Madewell New Arrivals Picks - What I'm Loving

As I shared in this post yesterday, Madewell has added new arrivals to their website...another round of really nice items, and plenty to love again this time, too.

If you haven't ever ordered from Madewell, you should definitely consider giving them a try...I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you like them.

Click here to check out the new arrivals, and be sure to take a peek at my personal picks below. :)
(The arrow to the right of the photos will take you to the second page of my picks, and my thoughts on the items are below the set of images.)

What I'm Loving...
Love the color, the shape, and the faux-shearling lining.

Love...such a nice change from the typical puffer jacket.

Really like the two different colors of leather and the quilting, too. Definitely a unique piece.

Looks so soft and cozy.

Very cute, and I love the weave, as well as the kilt pin.

Love the color. I would wear this one over a turtleneck or flannel shirt with denim or a skirt.

I normally don't go for the exposed zip trend, but I think it actually works on this dress.

Absolutely adorable. My favorite is the bright ivory colorway.

Incredibly feminine with those ruffles, and I love the print.

Incredibly chic.

So cute...really love all those little stars.

I really like the uniqueness of this piece, plus it looks incredibly comfy to wear, too.

Very pretty. Once again, not a fan of the exposed back zip, but I know that others don't mind it. I would probably try putting in a regular zip if I were to get it. I also think it could be cute worn with a turtleneck or white button down under the dress and a pair of black tights with heels or knee boots.

Lovely...this would be perfect for a Holiday party.

Just like the leopard print version above, it is ncredibly feminine with those ruffles, and the color is beautiful.

Love all three colors, and I imagine that this one is incredibly warm, too.

Very cute silhouette, that would be lovely worn under a cardigan or denim jacket.

Really adorable in both the polka dots!

Yes please!

Incredibly feminine and both colors.

So adorable...yes please!

Really like the silhouette, the print, and the color. It would be cute worn under a cardigan or jacket, too...possibly even worn over a turtleneck or long-sleeve tee.

Absolutely love this one! How adorable would this be worn under a leather jacket, denim jacket, cardigan, or blazer?

Really like the colors of the plaid on this one. Not too much of a fan of the high/low hem, but it may not be as noticeable on women who are not model height.


Love the color and the quilting...such a lovely, unique bag.

Absolutely stunning...what a beautiful color!

I really like the jewelry at Madewell, especially when the pieces go on sale with an extra % off.
Their midi and stacking rings are always really adorable, too.

Cute, cute, cute.

Another great ring option.

Love how delicate this one looks. The combination of rose-tone, silver-tone, and gold-tone is lovely.

Love the print and color combination...I imagine it is very warm, too.

This appears to be similar to the Portland Stripe Scarf, just different colors.
I own and love the Portland version, which I reviewed here...I'm sure this one is equally as lovely.

Beautiful print and color...another great option for keeping the cold at bay.

That's it for now...what are your thoughts on the new arrivals? Do you have your eye on anything in particular? Please do share! :)

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