Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Madewell: Leather Forever

Madewell recently sent out an email sharing three 'unexpected ways to do the leather thing'.
Try the Drawstring Leather Skirt and a sweatshirt with subtle leather accents.

Skinny Skinny Zip Jeans: Leather-Patch Edition - simple knee patches add just a touch of tough. They've paired them with the Fair Isle Hoodie Sweater.
Leather-Sleeve Blazer - looks like a brilliant trick, but doesn't require any trickery. Paired here with the Side-Button Sweatshirt in Stripe, Softest Ribbed Circle Scarf, Chimala® Cropped Drawstring Trousers, and The Reid Boot.

There are a lot more Madewell leather pieces to be found HERE in the 'Leather Forever' section on their website. My favorites are the Leather-Trim Wool Sweatshirt, Leather-Sleeve Blazer, The Anywhere Dress in Tweed, Rivet & Thread Leather-Sleeve Bomber Jacket, Leather Leggings, and The Billie Boot.

What are your favorite Madewell leather items? What are your thoughts on the three leather looks that Madewell suggests? Do you own any of the items in the looks, or possibly any other Madewell leather items? What do you think of the quality? Please do share!

Have a lovely day! :)

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