Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Madewell Fall 2014 Collection - Get the Look {Part One}

In March of this year Madewell shared their 'First Look' at the Fall 2014 Collection on their blog. The styling and looks are understated and unfussy with wearable pieces that are ultimately chic and sophisticated in a casual way.

I always think it's interesting to look back on the previews of the items for inspiration once they are available on the website...don't you? I've broken down each outfit, noting the items in each one so you can 'Get the Look'.

From left to right...

Look 1:

Look 2:
*Shearling Jacket on my Madewell pinterest board - not yet available

Look: 3
*Garçons et Filles Sweater - similar to the one on the mannequin
*Simple Ribbed Beanie - similar...the one featured is not yet available

Look 4:
*Quilted coat not available - similar one here from Laundry by Shelli Segal

Look 5:

Look 6:
*Cocoon Side-Zip Bomber on my Madewell pinterest board - not yet available

What are your thoughts on the looks for the Madewell Fall 2014 Collection? Do you like the styling? Is there any particular look or looks you think you'll be copying this season? Please do share!

**I'll be posting Part Two of this 'Get the Look' series late next week.

Have a lovely day! :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Madewell's Head of Design: Somsack Sikhounmuong

In the summer of 2013, it was announced that Madewell would be getting a new head of design: Somsack Sikhounmuong. As many of us who shop at Madewell have noticed, the designs and quality just seem to keep getting better and better, so it appears as if we owe this to Somsack and his excellent taste and vision for the line. Here is an interview that WhoWhatWear had with the designer in August 2013:

"If you don’t recognize Somsack Sikhounmuong’s name yet, you will soon. As Madewell's new head of design (note: that's how Jenna Lyons started—and revolutionized J.Crew along the way too—so we're excited by the implication), he’s helming their latest denim collection and breathing new life into the beloved label’s classic silhouettes and vintage-inspired prints.

Q: Tell us about yourself!

I moved from Thailand when I was four to a blue-collar town east of Toronto called Oshawa in Ontario, Canada. When I was 18, I moved to New York City to attend Parsons and have been here ever since. After graduation I started working at J.Crew, and 12 years later I was offered my dream job to head design at Madewell! The loves of my life are music, my family, drawing, magazines, and carbs (especially pasta).

Q: What can you spill about Madewell’s new direction?

Consider it a refresh. We are cleaning and simplifying, so we’re steering the collection towards classic, straightforward, and effortlessly sexy design and taking the things Madewell has done best—tomboy pieces, denim, and leather—and giving them a bigger platform.

Q: What’s your vision for the Madewell woman?

I want Madewell to be the go-to for cool, stylish, and unfussy pieces. We are looking to do the opposite of fast fashion by creating authentic pieces that are extremely wearable.

Q: Who is your ultimate Madewell woman?

The women I want to see wearing Madewell are the same that I tack up on my mood boards season after season. They come from all different backgrounds and span a wide age range but are all inherently cool in a sophisticated, casual way. To name a few, Caroline de Maigret, Daria Werbowy, and Emmanuelle Alt.

Q: What do you love about Madewell?

There are so many things I love about this brand but what I love most is its potential. As we grow, there is a level of excitement around the office that inspires and reminds me why I love what I do.

Q: What are your top three styling tips for fall?

1. Find a pair of jeans that you feel sexy and comfortable in. If you are going to buy one pair, you can't go wrong with black.
2. Look for a graphic t-shirt that can add some (of your own) personality to your wardrobe.
3. Invest in a leather piece, I suggest a pair of boots or a leather jacket. The great thing about leather is that it looks and feels better the more you wear it.

Q: What are your favorite fall trends?

Neutrals and tailoring.

Q: What pieces from the fall collection do you love and why?

At the risk of sounding redundant, our jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets because they’re all pieces you can wear forever. I love the idea of building a wardrobe and acquiring pieces you can wear day in and day out; it's the opposite of fast fashion.

Q: The Alexa Chung collaboration was incredible: are you going to do more with her or do you have another tastemaker in mind?

Alexa was such a great fit for us because she really embodied the brand, so the collaboration felt natural and organic. I am most inspired by people and am constantly on blogs, reading magazines and, most importantly, people watching. I’m always looking for new ways to work with cool and interesting people!

Q: What inspires you most?

People and cities (my favorites are Paris, Tokyo, and good ol’ NYC)."

I, for one, have been even more pleased with the Madewell line this year, so I am really excited to continue to have Somsack at the helm. My two favorite responses he gave to the questions asked were...

"I want Madewell to be the go-to for cool, stylish, and unfussy pieces. We are looking to do the opposite of fast fashion by creating authentic pieces that are extremely wearable."

"The women I want to see wearing Madewell are the same that I tack up on my mood boards season after season. They come from all different backgrounds and span a wide age range but are all inherently cool in a sophisticated, casual way. To name a few, Caroline de Maigret, Daria Werbowy, and Emmanuelle Alt."

Yes and yes! I love that his vision is for unfussy, authentic, wearable pieces, that are inherently cool and sophisticated in a casual way. That he is looking to do the opposite of fast fashion (which I am really trying to stay away from), and that his ultimate vision of the Madewell woman spans a wide age range with different backgrounds. This is just what I believe many of us have been wanting in a clothing line for a long time now, and that is why Madewell has been and continues to be a 'go-to' place for many of our shopping needs (and wants).

What are your thoughts on the interview with Somsack Sikhounmuong? Do you agree with his vision for Madewell? Have you found yourself shopping at Madewell more often since he has taken over as head of design? Please do share your thoughts!

Madewell Sale Shopping Reminder: Extra 30% Promo-Priced Items & Sale Styles Ends Today!!!

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that today is the last day to receive an Extra 30% Off Promo-Priced Items & Sale Styles at Madewell with code PINCHME at checkout. Shipping is FREE on ALL Orders.

As I've mentioned many times before...I absolutely love Madewell. The casual-vibe of their clothing works well with my lifestyle, the styling on the website stays more to the understated side, the prices are often more affordable than a lot of the retailers offering similar styles, and I love that they always offer Free Shipping on ALL orders, too. The quality has been good on all the items I have ordered, and the pieces are all holding up very well so far. (I've shared pics of me wearing a couple of the jackets on my Instagram.) If you haven't ever ordered from Madewell, you should definitely consider giving them a try. :)

They have done a 'switch-up' on the Promo-priced items at Madewell this week...a lot of new items have been marked to promo-price, while others have gone back to regular-price or marked down to sale price (making them final sale).

For those of you who aren't familiar with Promo-priced items, they are select Regular-price pieces that Madewell marks down to a 'Promotional Price' for a short amount of time. These items are eligible for any extra % off sale or full-price promotions that may occur at any time. The Promo-priced items are also eligible for the Educator and Student Discounts, so if you are a teacher or student you can receive an additional 15% off on them, as well.

The promo-prices are usually in effect for a week or two (sometimes longer), then they either go back up to full-price or move on into Final Sale. I have noted the majority of the Promo-priced items currently available on the Madewell website, as well as the items that have recently been marked down below...they are all eligible for the Extra 30% Off. :)

***New Markdowns:***


*Linen Pavilion Sweater - $39.99 (2nd markdown)
*Striped Cashmere Tee - $69.99 (2nd markdown)
*Jardin Sweatshirt - $44.99 (2nd markdown)

Shirts, Tops, & Tees:

*Embroidered Sugarsand Top - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Silk Muscle Tee in Moroccan Floral - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Eyelet-Inset Blouse - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Indigo Popover - $49.99
*Signalbox Muscle Tee - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Beach Shirttail Tee in Stripe - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Vacances Shift Tank - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Universal Tee - $24.99
*Beachday Shift Tank - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Top-Notch Tank - $29.99
*Split-Back Tank - $49.99

Blazers, Vests, & Outerwear:

*The Jean Vest: Destructed Edition - $49.99 (2nd markdown)

Dresses & Skirts:

*Silk Shirtdress - $69.99
*Piazza Maxidress - $49.99 (4th markdown)
*Cointoss Dress - $59.99
*Backyard Sundress in Chevron Ikat - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Sun Isle Dress - $39.99 (4th markdown)
*Eyelet Lovesong Dress - $29.99 (3rd markdown)
*Bistro Mini - $49.99
*Openwork Skirt - $49.99
*Indigo Shibori Linen Skirt - $29.99 (2nd markdown)

Denim, Pants, & Shorts:

*Skinny Fatigues - $79.99
*Laer® Leather Zip Pants - $349.99 (3rd markdown)
*Zip Cargos - $34.99 (3rd markdown)
*Striped Romper - $39.99 (3rd markdown)
*Eyelet Lookback Romper - $39.99 (3rd markdown)
*Denim Boyshorts in Planetarium - $29.99 (2nd markdown)
*Silk Cargo Shorts - $29.99 (3rd markdown)

Shoes & Boots:

*The Maud flat in black coal - $79.99
*The Maud Flat in suede - $79.99
*The Edmund Heel - $124.99


*Cairo Necklace - $39.99
*Tasseled Beadstrand Necklace - $6.99 (2nd markdown)
*Wooden Bangle - $9.99
*Isosceles Ring - $14.99
*Double Ring - $14.99


*Flipcheck Scarf - $34.99
*Folkyard Scarf - $49.99
*Leather Belt - $29.99

***Promo-Priced Items:***


Shirts, Tops, & Tees:

Blazers & Jackets:

Dresses & Skirts:

Denim, Pants, & Shorts:

Swimwear, Coverups, Sleepwear, & Intimates:


*The Checkbook Wallet in deep navy

Shoes, Sandals, & Boots:



***Previous Markdowns:***


*Ferry Sweater - $44.99
*Sandbar Sweater - $49.99
*Vacay Sweater - $39.99

Shirts, Tops, & Tees:

*Pleated Cami - $54.99
*Split-Back Tank - $49.99
*A-Line Tank in Stripe - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Lightweight Tomboy Workshirt - $24.99 (2nd markdown)
*Novella Tank - $54.99
*Teammate Tank - $34.99
*Slub V-Neck Pocket Tee - $16.99 in eclectic orange
*Memento Tank - $44.99 (2nd markdown)
*Cutaway Sport Tank - $14.99 & $19.99
*Ruffle Cami - $39.99
*Stepstone Tank - $44.99
*Lace-Trim Tank - $59.99
*Baseball Tee - $19.99
*Cutoff Tee - $24.99

Blazers, Jackets, & Outerwear:

*Won Hundred® Isa Jacket - $99.99 (3rd markdown)

Dresses & Skirts:

*Fortune Dress - $99.99
*Silk Shirtdress - $99.99
*Sun Isle Dress in Moroccan Floral - $69.99 (2nd markdown)
*Summerhouse Dress - $69.99 (2nd markdown)
*Pierside Zip-Back Dress - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Midday Skirt - $59.99
*Sun Isle Maxidress - $99.99 (2nd markdown)
*Silk Daybreak Sundress - $79.99 (2nd markdown)
*Pleated Shirtstripe Skirt - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Ticking Stripe Mini - $39.99 (2nd markdown)
*Openwork Skirt - $60.99
*Dockstripe Skirt - $29.99 (2nd markdown)
*Keynote Dress - $70.99
*Afternoon Dress - $79.99
*Gymnasium Skirt - $49.99
*Daisylace Dress - $99.99
*Lace-Up Dress - $79.99

Denim, Pants, & Shorts:

*Culotte Jeans - $59.99 (2nd markdown)
*NSF® Beck Jeans - $199.99 (2nd markdown)
*Skinny Skinny Zip Jeans in Mist - $59.99 (2nd markdown)
*Skinny Skinny Crop Embroidered Jeans - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Skinny Skinny Jeans in Sky Wash - $59.99 (2nd markdown)
*Skinny Skinny Crop Tuxedo Jeans - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*The Slim Boyjean in Ecru - $49.99 (2nd markdown)
*Zip Cargos in Blue Camo - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Refined Slouchpants - $89.99 (2nd markdown)
*NSF® Basquiat Pants -$69.99 (2nd markdown)
*Whit® Parrot Pants - $99.99 (2nd markdown)
*Park Overalls in Fade Stripe - $109.99 (2nd markdown)
*Track Shorts - $34.99
*Eyelet Shorts - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Denim Boyshorts in White - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Laer® Leather Bermuda Shorts - $199.99 (2nd markdown)
*Denim Boyshorts in Railroad Stripe - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Denim Boyshorts in White - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Ace&Jig™ Tap Shorts - $89.99 (2nd markdown)
*NSF® Chrissy Shorts - $99.99 (2nd markdown)
*High-Rise Denim Boyshorts in Black - $29.99 (2nd markdown)
*Denim Boyshorts in Rip and Repair - $29.99 (2nd markdown)
*Campstitch Fatigue Shorts - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Deck Shorts - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Drawstring Shorts in Camo Wave - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Chambray Sunstitch Shorts - $29.99 (2nd markdown)
*Reade Pants - $59.99
*Track Shorts - $34.99
*At-Ease Shorts - $49.99
*Sash Romper - $99.99
*NSF® Basquiat Pants - $99.99 in khaki pigment

Swimwear, Coverups, & Intimates:


*The Medina Transport Tote - $119.99 (2nd markdown)
*The Checkbook Wallet in pecan - $54.99

Shoes, Sandals, & Boots:

*The Margot Flat - $74.99
*Soludos® Derby Espadrilles in grey - $49.99
*The Rowan Gladiator Sandal - $24.99 (2nd markdown)
*The Lora Sandal - $99.99
*The Loren Heel - $124.99
*The Marcel Heel - $144.99
*The Lulou Flat - $149.99
*Soludos® Derby Espadrilles in black white - $59.99
*The Erin Boot - $149.99
*The Biker Boot - $129.99


*Arena Cuff - $24.99
*Etchpoint Studs - $12.99
*Arena Ring - $19.99
*Etchpoint Ring - $12.99
*Nightstone Ring - $19.99
*Belltone Ring - $9.99
*Crescent Cuff - $19.99


*Blanc Scarf - $34.99
*Military Belt - $29.99
*Piece & Co.™ & Madewell Ikat Scarf - $19.99 (2nd markdown)
*Tassel Sash - $14.99
*Campweave Belt - $14.99
*Studmix Belt - $24.99
*Ace Shades - $29.99
*Arabesque Scarf - $29.99
*Serape Belt - $14.99

What are your thoughts on this sale? Do you own any of the items currently on promo? Is there any item you would recommend? Please do share! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Penfield: Outerwear, Perfected

Madewell sent out an email today featuring the Penfield® brand which is a label they carry on their website, along with numerous others, all of which can be found in their Labels We Love section.

From the Madewell website:

Featured Label: Penfield®

Since 1975, this Massachusetts-based brand has been churning out top-notch, weather-resistant outerwear, and we've got special designs you'll find only here.

The photo in the email features the Penfield® Rockwool Shearling Collar Vest worn over the
Penfield® Stokes Plaid Shirt

Additional Penfield® items carried on the Madewell website are the Penfield® Rockford Down Jacket and Penfield® Appleby Down Jacket, as well as the items below...

What are your thought on the Penfield® brand? Do you own any of their items that are featured at Madewell? If so, how is the quality and construction? Is there any particular Penfield® item you would recommend? Please do share!

Guest Review by Awakening my Wardrobe: Madewell Cadet Blazer

Today I am pleased to bring you a guest review by the lovely Awakening my Wardrobe. She recently purchased the Madewell Cadet Blazer, and has graciously agreed to share her thoughts about it with us. Thank you AMW! :)

Product Details from the Madewell website:

With its asymmetrical row of buttons and stand-up collar, this is our cool rethink of a military blazer. A goes-with-anything piece in a soft, subtle herringbone weave.

True to size.
Dry clean.
Madewell.com only.

Awakening my Wardrobe writes:

"I received the Cadet blazer and now see that it is sold out online but pops back occasionally. Unfortunately it missed the mark on style and fabric so I sadly returned it. I purchased a size 10 and it fit true to size (I’m 5’11” and have broad shoulders but am narrow and straight everywhere else), except the style flared out at the hip area adding bulk rather than sleekness.

I do wish the jacket was bit longer but I don’t think that would have solved the bigger issues. The linen/cotton/wool/viscose mix did not have the weight or structure to hold its shape so it wrinkled. No matter how much I fiddled with the collar and buttons, I couldn’t get it to fall the way it did on the website model. Her blazer looked very “Comme des Garçons” and the angles added visual interest, looking well edited and understated while mine looked o.k but boxy and "meh".

Meanwhile, the Madewell love is still strong and I’ll be breaking out my Duskfall blazer in deep navy and Perfect leather jacket this fall over their Rail straight and High riser jeans. I do hope they consider reworking the Cadet blazer for next spring in a light-weight wool. It had such potential and I’d give it another go if they did."

Thank you again Awakening my Wardrobe for sharing your review with us!

If you have a Madewell review that you would like to share online with myself and other readers, please feel free to email it to me, and I will be more than happy to post it.
Include your thoughts, any pictures you might have, links (if you like), etc. My email is allthingssimplified.me@gmail.com.

Have a lovely day! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Madewell Monogram Shop

Madewell sent out an email yesterday introducing their Monogram Shop, and reminding Madewell shoppers that they can receive complimentary monogramming on select bags, pouches, wallets, key fobs, leather wallet case for iPhone® 5/5s, and even a belt until 10.20.14.
(Click here to see all the eligible items).

They also have a post on their blog about the Modern Monogram, which suggests that you step outside the traditional monogram of your initials, and go for your favorite three-letter word or phrase such as PYT, RAD, OUI, or BON. (You can see that post here).

I absolutely love Monograms, and feel that having an item that you love personalized with your initials makes it even more special. I also think that giving a monogrammed item as a gift is a wonderful way of showing that friend or loved one that they are extra dear to your heart. A monogram also turns an otherwise fairly ordinary item, such as a key fob, into something much more special and fun.

I have had monogramming done on clothing items at J.Crew, but have not yet purchased a monogrammed item from Madewell. However, if I were to get something, it would be one of these...

4. The Transport Tote in English Saddle or True Black - I love this in English Saddle but also really like the contrast color of the handles on the True Black colorway
10. The Paintstripe Transport Tote - pair this with the The Medium Pouch Clutch in Dot...cute, cute, cute!

What do you think of the free monogramming promotion at Madewell? Are you planning to take advantage of this offer? Have you already had a bag or other item monogrammed there? If so, how did it turn out? Were you pleased with the results? Please do share!